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Programs & Advocacy

Frith Works!

"Frith Works!" are publicly-held gatherings that follow a specific platform and focus on topics pertaining to the advancement of inclusive Heathenry and combating exclusion and extremism through the facilitation of round-table discussions and civil discourse. 

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Who can host?

Official "Frith Works!" are hosted by approved facilitators.

Whether hosted on your own or as part of a Heathen kindred/organization,

facilitating can be an individual responsibility or a group effort.

What are the responsibilities of a facilitator? 

Facilitators are responsible for promoting and mediating discussion, as well as reporting on any issues present in one's community so that Heathens Against Hate may supply appropriate resources.

How can I become a facilitator?

Simple! Complete and submit the application below.

Things to consider:

Terms and conditions apply upon submitting applications.

All applications are reviewed by Heathens Against Hate staff.

Upon approval you will receive our "Frith Works!" Guidelines which will provide you with instructions and suggestions in order to facilitate a "Frith Works!"

"Frith Works!" facilitators DO NOT represent Heathens Against Hate.
We have our own PR personnel for that and can be contacted here.
Already facilitating a "Frith Works!" ?
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