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For George Floyd and Voicing Solidarity

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

In the last several weeks we have witnessed the events that unfolded from the tragic murder of George Floyd. Protests within all 50 states within the United States and the solidarity that has been shown through protests around the world had all declared that Black Lives Matter.

Heathens Against Hate firmly stands against the systematic injustice and oppression of minority groups; specifically concerning the rights and liberties of the American People of Color. The senseless murder and killings of these (and many more) people shall not go unanswered, the voices of their kin and allies cry out for justice in their names; which are:

George Floyd

Ahmaud Arbery

Atatiana Jefferson

Breonna Taylor

Eric Garner

Kayla Moore

Philando Castile

Sandra Bland

Tony McDade

The anger that we feel is justified and right. It is with this passion that activism is born, and many of you have asked us what HAH is doing to address these past events. Each of us carries the drive to better the world around us, and when that world seems turned over on its side; from COVID-19 to discrimination, that drive strives to be expressed outwardly. Those of us who are Caucasian (white) must immediately start by acting upon that we Heathens, and indeed us here in HAH constantly reference in Havamal 127.

SPEAK OUT AGAINST EVIL. Stand up against the oppression of your fellow human beings. If you are especially living in the United States; speak against the mistreatment, violence, and unjustified oppressive behavior inflicted upon People of Color and other minorities.

Stand with the understanding that you will not fully comprehend where a Person of Color might be feeling. You may even be spurned by whomever you stand in solidarity with, but stand nonetheless!

If you choose to attend protests, protest rightly and safely! We are still amidst a pandemic and COVID-19 infects indiscriminately. As of this writing, Heathens Against Hate is in attendance in a protest in Bristol, PA (USA). We are there amplifying and uplifting the voices of the oppressed! We encourage you all to do so; whether you go out in protest, speak in conferences or interviews, or just talk with your friends. Lend your voice and through action stand up to human rights, to end discrimination, to remind and remember its victims above and those who are unnamed.

Some desire to do more, and do more you can! Although we at Heathens Against Hate are not set up to accept any donations, below are several resources and organizations that would gladly receive your support:

ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) National Police Accountability Project

By donating you are providing the resources you can to the cause, defense, and prosperity of a community that for too long has been suppressed and silenced.


Through them may the world heal.

Through them may people know peace.

Through them may justice be seen.

Through them may we raise the fallen to a place of honor.

Hail to George Floyd

Hail to Ahmaud Arbery

Hail to Atatiana Jefferson

Hail to Breonna Taylor

Hail to Eric Garner

Hail to Kayla Moore

Hail to Philando Castile

Hail to Sandra Bland

Hail to Tony McDade

Hail the unnamed

Hail the Community!

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