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Louisiana Church Burnings

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

The appalling attacks on three historic African-American churches in Louisiana has caught the attention of the nation over the past several days. Much to the horror of the inclusive Heathen community, the alleged arsonist is linked to Odinism, which has resulted, once again, in the blemishing of one of our gods in the eyes of the public.

Heathens Against Hate joins The Troth and other organizations in condemning these arsons. There is no excuse for the arsonist's actions. The actions of extremist, exclusionary Heathens of any denomination risk creating ill will toward all of us, which is, perhaps, part of the plan of people like this arsonist. We must not allow them to be successful.

Heathens Against Hate will continue to work together with allied organizations and in interfaith work with the goal of building bridges to the communities victimized by the actions of bigots and extremists. The Troth's Red Hammer team has created a donation drive to raise funds for the church organizations victimized by this arson. Please visit The Troth's Donation page, and, from the pull-down menu, choose Disaster Relief Program (Red Hammer) - Louisiana Church Burnings. Our condolences go out to those who lost their houses of worship. May they find peace in the response from the nation, and may they rebuild, recover, and renew.

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