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Inclusive Programs

"We are our deeds" - It is a phrase often heard throughout the Heathen community.

We don't just declare that we are against hate and for inclusive Heathenry, we work hard to ensure that the beautiful traditions of the Heathen faith are open to all who seek it.


We seek to dispel the myths about our faith by providing educational resources to national and international organizations to better recognize the legitimacy of the Heathen faith devoid of hatred.

But this mission for better understanding is not for one to bear alone, it takes a great community to band together and work compassionately with one another.​

This is your chance to get involved, take action, and make an impact!

Frith Works!

These are round-table discussions that specifically center around inclusivity and addressing any exclusionary or hateful practices within a regional Heathen community.

Get involved by hosting a discussion group today!

Frith Works!

Annual Pledge

Our annual pledge lists Heathen-owned businesses who have donated a certain percentage of their earnings from at least one specific item or service toward a specific non-profit that shares in the vision of inclusivity and human rights.

Annual Pledge

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