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Attending Parliament

Representing inclusive Heathenry on the world stage

Presenting our lecture:
"Striving to Save a Religious Identity from Extremists"

We were very honored to have witnessed and participated in this year's Parliament of World's Religion.

We presented our lecture: "Striving to Save a Religious Identity from Extremists".

For those whom we have met through our lecture, we thank you for your support and attendance.

And for those of you who missed it, here it is!

NOTES & CORRECTIONS: Continuity snags in video are the result of capturing it on an iPad, media file size limit, and "stop&play" recording.
- Guido von List was a 19th Century occultist, not 18th Century.

It was uncertain what to expect from one of the world's largest interfaith gatherings; however not only were we welcomed with open arms by those of pagan or Heathen-adjacent or allied beliefs, the unwavering support and inquiry about Heathens Against Hate and inclusive Heathenry was given by those of a myriad of other religious and spiritual denominations.

This was the second Parliament that received a Heathen presence, and this year we shared a booth with the Alliance for Inclusive Heathenry which counted among our own administrators, Heathen personages of exceptional character and experience. Among us all, we shared great stories, held an intimate Sumble, renewed and forged new connections both with those whom we invited to the conference, as well as and especially those whom we only just met.

Below is a small gallery of our very short visit.

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