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Books & Reading List

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One of the most commonly asked questions that we get is:

"What kind of books do you recommend by authors who are inclusive and/or authoritative about Heathenry, and who do not cater to extremism (in ideology, organization, or finance)?"

Books listed alphabetically by title.

Heathen Essentials

"A Practical Heathen's Guide to Ásatrú"
by Patricia M. Lafayllve
"Ásatrú for Beginners:
A Modern Heathen's Guide to the Ancient Northern Way"
by Mathias Nordvig, Ph.D
"Essential Ásatrú" 
by Diana Paxson
"The First Book of Urglaawe Myths"
by Robert L. Schreiwer
"Travels Through Middle Earth: The Path of a Saxon Pagan"
by Alaric Albertsson

Academic Studies

"Children of Ash and Elm: A History of the Vikings"
by Neil Price
"Dictionary of Northern Mythology"
by Rudolf Simek
"Gods and Myths of Northern Europe"
by H.R. Ellis Davidson
"The Cleasby & Vigfusson Old Norse to English Dictionary"
by Richard Cleasby, Guðbrandur Vigfússon, Volundr Lars Agnarsson
"The Viking Way: Religion and War in Late Iron Age Scandinavia"
by Neil Price
"Viking Age Iceland"
by Jesse Byock

On Extremism

"American Heathen: The Politics of Identity in a Pagan Religious Movement"
by Jennifer Snook
"Gods of the Blood: The Pagan Revival and White Separatism"
by Mattias Gardell
"Norse Revival: Transformations of Germanic  Neopaganism"
by Stefanie von Schnurbein
"Paganism and Its Discontents: Enduring Problems of Racialized Identity"
by Holli S. Emore and Jonathan M. Leader
"The Occult Roots of Nazism:
The Ariosophists of Austria and Germany, 1890 - 1935"
by Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke

Manuscript Translations

(Alphabetical by translator)

"Sagas of Icelanders"
by Jane Smiley (Preface), et. al

The Poetic Edda

Carolyne Larrington - 
Henry Adams Bellows - 
Jackson Crawford - 
Lee M. Hollander - 

The Prose Edda

Anthony Faulkes - 
Jesse Byock - 
Völsunga Saga
 Jackson Crawford - 
Jesse Byock - 
 - J.R.R. Tolkien
 - Maria Dahvana Headley
 - Seamus Heaney


 - Ben Waggoner
 - Jackson Crawford
 - Olive Bray
- Lee M. Hollander
Hrólf Kraki Saga
- Jesse Byock
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