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HAH Sovereignty Statement

Heathens Against Hate (HAH), once a simple blog on the internet, has become an organization symbolic of the united voices in Heathenry that call for inclusion and the fight against religious extremism.

The development of HAH as an organization has been primarily the support of regional and national organizations, most notably The Troth, which in 2018, took HAH under its wing as an autonomous branch of the greater organization. At that time, the leadership of both The Troth and HAH provided a means for the two organizations to change their relationship based on the evolution of the needs of the Heathen community.

Official Sovereignty

Heathens Against Hate (HAH) carries a very specific mission which transcends association with any one particular organization. For this reason, HAH leadership believes that it should return to being an independent organization for such purposes.

It has therefore been agreed upon by both organizational leaderships that the relationship between HAH and the Troth become an alliance, and that Heathens Against Hate must function independently as its own entity.

Over the course of the next year, HAH and The Troth will work on the details of the allied partnership through the merits of inclusive standards and practices.

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